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 We provide families with solutions to make living life with a dog simple, easy, and stress-free.

We train families to keep their dogs, and we train dogs to keep their families.

We work closely with dogs and their owners every single day to find solutions to a variety of problems from potty training to aggressive behaviors.

We work with all breeds and ages of dogs! 

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"It’s nice to have friends and family notice a substantial difference in Koda and comment on it."

"Life before working with More for Your K9 was stressful! I was worried about going for walks because my dog would react to other dogs. She was constantly overexcited about everything and easily distracted. All I was really hoping for was to be able to take her for walks, but I got so much more! Koda can heel properly for long periods of time, stay (sit, down and stand) for 3+ minutes in the presence of distractions. I learned how to get her attention and keep it so that we could do things together. Koda can also keep it together (mostly) around other dogs and people and I know what to do when things happen and how to advocate for my dog and keep her safe and happy. The way I interact with my dog and other dogs is completely different. Koda is calm and fun to have around the house. We can do everyday things with her and people comment on how well-behaved our dog is. It’s nice to have friends and family notice a substantial difference in Koda and comment on it. THANK YOU!" 

- Madison and Koda 

Essential Obedience Program Graduate


We offer a wide variety of services to help you reach your dog training goals! 

For dogs under 6 months...


Our puppy programs are designed to teach you how to raise the best puppy ever! Learn how to stop unwanted behaviors before they start and give them the benefit of early learning and socialization! 


For dogs over 6 months...

Our adult dog programs are designed to help with all unwanted behaviors. Learn how to effectively communicate with your dog, stop unwanted behaviors, and teach them how to do all the things you want! 


Our EXCLUSIVE doggie day camp is a great option if you work every day but still want your dog to receive training. A done-for-you training program where your dog receives expert training, care, and attention while you work!

"Before training, life with Suki was stressful and frustrating. She got used to controlling her environment and we just didn't know how to give her the structure and expectations she needed. We needed someone to walk us through the basics, someone who met us where we were at and not just shuffle us through a class. We really wanted a dog that is successful in the house, to walk on a leash, be able to go public places without issue - and that is exactly what More for Your K9 helped us achieve! We feel like we are much better handlers than before, we have an understanding of what Suki needs from us in order to be successful. We are comfortable taking her in public, having people over to our house, and she is so good in the house! She knows how to settle when we are gathered in our living room, and is so easy to trim her nails and brush her out (a real struggle before). Best money we've ever spent!"

- Will/Jenny and Suki

"Best money we've ever spent!"



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