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 Our main goal has always been to help families come up with solutions to make living life with a dog simple, easy, and stress-free. We train families to keep their dogs, and we train dogs to keep their families. We work closely with dogs and their owners every single day to find solutions to a variety of problems from potty training to aggression issues. We work with all breeds and ages of dogs through our various training programs and offerings. 

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 To determine what services will best fit your needs, we look at the age of your dog and what your specific goals are.

Our training programs are first based on the age of your dog. Puppies and adult dogs not only learn differently but usually will have behaviors (problem or not) that are characteristic of their age range. Our Puppy Programs are for dogs 8 weeks to 20/24 weeks. Our Adult Dog Programs are for dogs of any age over 20 weeks. 

After we consider the age of your dog, we look at what your specific training goals are. If you are wanting a better companion for your home, looking to take a Canine Good Citizen Test, or have some serious behavior issues you are wanting to improve upon, most dogs we see will start with some sort of Obedience Program. Once foundation behaviors are learned, more specific goals and/or issues can be tackled.

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News for May, June, July 2021

Starting in March 2021, both Miriam and Noah will begin traveling here and there for Obedience Competitions to compete with their personal dogs that they have been training. These dates will be posted well in advance so everyone knows if there will be changes to regular business hours or to regularly scheduled lessons and classes. 

The dates that are scheduled so far: 

May 31st (Memorial Day) we are CLOSED.

June 1st - 6th we will be CLOSED. 

Specials for 2021

Bundling Puppy Courses: When you bundle our Puppy Foundation Course and our Puppy Socialization Course, you save $20. 


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