Adult Dog Programs

Working with adult dogs is what we specialize in. We work with any and all breeds and ages of dogs with different behavioral issues every day. Regardless of the behavior abnormality that your dog is displaying, we can help you come up with a tailored training plan to get you moving in the right direction. Whether you are looking for better manners in your home, off-leash training, or help with serious aggression issues,


We offer training programs where you (the owner of the dog) is the one doing the hands-on training, as well as programs where we (the trainers) can be the ones to primarily work hands-on with your dog. Your schedule, the dog's needs, and your specific goals are all going impact which type of program is going to be needed for the best results. 




We encourage everyone interested in signing up for training with us to set up a FREE consultation. This will help you decide if we are the trainers you are wanting to work with, and will allow us to discuss each program type and tell you which option would be best for you and your dog. All training options utilize what's considered BALANCED training. 

Free Resources for Adult Dog Owners
Free Consultation

60-90 minutes

Setting up a FREE consultation is a great way to sit down and chat with us about the problems you are currently having and the training goals you are trying to achieve. We will go over the programs we offer and recommend which one would be best based on your goals and your dog's needs.

Newly Adopted Dog?

This is a downloadable form that has all of our recommendations for a newly adopted dog. From vet choices in the area, groomers, and things you can do to make your dog feel welcomed in their new home. 

Management vs. Training

This is a pdf document that explains how you can get started right away with management strategies with your dog. Management CAN happen without training. Training CANNOT happen without management. 

In-Person Training Options

We offer a variety of in-person training options like: Obedience, Off-leash Training, Specialty Classes. If you are looking for help with aggression,                                   


Essential Obedience

Our Essential Obedience Program is great for dogs who haven't had previous training, or you're looking to improve your current training's reliability. This program covers the behaviors: Heel, Sit, Stay, Down, Stand, Come, Polite Greetings, Place, and Problem Solving. This program is specifically designed to have reliable results in any environment without the need for treats. The program includes all necessary equipment (chain collar, 15ft leash, and 6ft leash), an online community for homework submission and feedback, and 24/7 access to us to answer questions. 

Duration: 8 LESSONS 

Companion Obedience

Our Companion Obedience Program is an extension of the Essential Obedience Program. Dogs with some, or no, previous training would do well in this program if the end goal is off-leash reliability. This program covers the behaviors: Heel, Sit, Stay, Down, Stand, Come, Polite Greetings, Place, and Problem Solving. This program is specifically designed to have reliable results in any environment, on- and off-leash, without the need for treats. The program includes all necessary equipment, an online community for homework submission and feedback, and 24/7 access to us to answer questions. 

Duration: 4 LESSONS

(after the completion of

Essential Obedience)

E-Collar Add-On

Our E-Collar Add-On option is NOT a standalone course option. 

This can be purchased AFTER completing the Essential Obedience Program - OR - BUNDLED with the Companion Obedience Program. 

You will receive an E-collar, and additional lessons to introduce the E-collar to the obedience you have already taught your dog. 

Duration: 4 LESSONS

Cost is discounted when bundled with the Companion Obedience Program

Upcoming Group Classes

July 31st at 12 pm 
8 weeks long




Why Choose Us for Obedience?

Obedience is what we do.

All of our obedience programs were designed to not only teach reliable obedience, but they were also designed to help with specific behavior problems in a way that dogs understand.


When starting any training program with us, we start with the easiest solutions so that we can prevent bad behaviors from happening or getting worse. This is called MANAGEMENT. We manage what we can before we start training or teaching anything new. Management strategies typically include making small changes in the normal way you interact with your dog, or limiting the area your dog can travel. 

Example Problem: Every time you take a shower, your dog chews on something it shouldn't.

 Possible Management Solution: Kennel your dog while you shower, or pick up the items you don't want chewed.

Example Problem: Your dog won't come inside from the backyard.

Possible Management Solution: Walk your dog on a leash.

After all management protocols have been discussed thoroughly, then we can begin to talk about what the training looks like. We practice foundational training, which means that every behavior we teach builds off the previous one. If one behavior is "weak" or "unreliable" all behaviors taught after that are considered the same. To make sure that your dog is ready to move through every behavior and they truly understand what they have been taught, there are a series of Readiness Tests before the next behaviors are introduced. Training in this way builds RELIABLE results.

Specialty Classes

Canine Good Citizen Testing

 Cost: $20

CGC pic.jpg

Handling Prep

Does your dog hate having their nails done? 

Maybe they have certain parts of their body they don't like to have touched? 

Handling Prep is a class to help your dog become more manageable for nail trims, grooming, and bathing. It will also help dogs who are unsure about vet visits. This give you (the owner) tools to help handle your dog when necessary - even if your dog doesn't want you to.

Duration: 6 LESSONS 

Cost: $200

Weight Pull and Lure Coursing


Our Nosework Program is for anyone interested in getting started in AKC or UKC Nosework. During this program, we will introduce your dog to the Birch scent. We go through a period of scent imprinting, look for scent recognition, and then build all the components of searching for the scent. At the end of 6 lessons, your dog should have scent recognition and be ready for small searches. 

Other scents can be used/taught. 

Duration: 6 LESSONS 

Cost: $200

Biters and Fighters

Do you have a dog that doesn't like other dogs?

Does your dog try to bite you or other household members?

Does your dog guard items like food, toys, treats, or a bed?

Do you have multiple dogs in the home that are fighting?

Has your dog tried to bite a stranger/the vet?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, we can help you. 

Aggression problems are no joking matter and should not be taken lightly. So many dogs are surrendered to shelters or even euthanized due to them displaying aggressive behaviors, so it is important to come up with a plan as soon as possible to get those behaviors under control. 

Just like other training plans, there is no one-size-fits-all plan for dogs who are having serious behavior problems. Knowing that your dog has shown aggression in the past, or has resource guarding behaviors it allows us to make training plans with those things in mind. Safety for your dog, you, and your family members will always come first in any training plan. 

If your dog has shown aggression toward other dogs, people, or family members and you are wanting to get solutions to those problems, set up a consultation. 

DSC_0926 (2).JPG
Day Training / Day Care

Current Availability: 3 Open Spots

Day Training is an option for people who are unable to commit to a class or private lessons due to scheduling conflicts. It's also an option for dogs to receive training and structure in a daily day care environment. Instead of free-play all day, dogs are on a schedule and receive one-on-one lessons with a trainer each day they attend. 

Depending on the age of your dog, there are specific things we work on each day they are here. For dogs under 5 months old, we focus on potty training, body handling, and starting the foundation for obedience commands like sit, down, stay, and come. We would also focus on manners like not jumping on people, door manners, and anything specific you want us to work on. For dogs older than 5 months, we start them on the same curriculum as our Companion Obedience Program. As the dogs begin to master certain skills, we move them through readiness tests, and continue to build their behaviors and teach them new ones. 

All dogs will be kenneled during the day, and get 2 individual training sessions. The purpose of this program is not to focus on social interactions with other dogs, but to form good behaviors and manners around other dogs. Dogs will need to be here for a minimum of 5 hours to have all the daily training requirements met, but they can stay longer if needed. Once they meet their training goals, or have reached a certain level of training, they can have interaction with other well-behaved dogs that will not encourage bad behaviors. 

There is no specific amount of months your dog needs to be in the program, but depending on what goals you have with your dogs we can make a recommendation on about how long we think it will take to get there. During the time that your dog is enrolled, you get 1 free Private Lesson each month where you can get help with issues you are having at home or to have us show you the skills your dog is learning. In addition to that, we host "Owner-Handling" days every other Saturday where you can come in and work around other owners and continue to work on the skills your dog is working on. 

Once you feel your dog have reached the goals that were set, you are able to take an Essential Obedience Program for free so you understand what to do and how to continue and keep up with behaviors at home. 


First Month of

Day Training


Each Month