Foundations Group Class

Are you tired of your dog misbehaving? 













Do they…

…pull on the leash?

...dash for the door?

…bark at everything?

…jump up on guests?

…cause chaos?


More for Your K9’s Foundations Class will help teach you to turn your dog into the ideal canine companion!


They will learn how to mind their manners so that you can start to enjoy your dog more than you already do! Gain control of your dog on and off-leash & teach them to work reliably, evening in distracting environments - in just 10 short weeks!


Our classes are fast-paced, fun-filled, and extremely rewarding! 

In just a few short weeks you will look at your dog and think, 

“Wow, I never imagined my dog could be so well behaved!” 


After completing this class, you can expect this…


Inside the home, they lay calmly on their bed or at your feet, greet guests politely, and come inside from the yard without you needing to chase them! 

No more stealing items, counter surfing, door dashing, or chasing the cat/kids! 


Outside of the home, your dog will surely become the neighborhood envy by not pulling on walks, laying nicely next to you at a patio diner, and by being a calm companion when they accompany you to all the get-togethers! 

Highlights of this class: 

  • Gain control of your dog on and off the leash so that you can enjoy freedom and fun with them! 

  • Teach your dog obedience and manners so that they are a well-behaved canine companion. 

  • Learn how to fix unwanted behaviors, including jumping, barking, pulling on walks, and even reactivity or aggressive behavior in 10 weeks (or less)!


  • Dogs must be at least 6 months old and up to date on age-appropriate vaccinations.

  • NO previous training is required. This class is ideal for any training level!


Spring Foundations Class Dates:

April 2nd at 9 am

April 23rd at 2 pm
10 weeks of curriculum & training

Located in Bellevue, NE

Summer Foundations Class Dates:

June 11th at 9 am

July 2nd at 2 pm

10 weeks of curriculum & training

Located in Bellevue, NE

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Phone: 402-957-1150

Facebook: More for Your K9 - LLC

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