Puppy Socialization Classes

Group Classes options for dogs UNDER 6 months old.

Puppy Foundations &
Social Manners

Did you just bring home a new puppy?

Are their once-cute behaviors now turning into nuisances?

Do you need all the puppy raising tips so you raise the best dog ever?

In our Puppy Foundations and Social Manners program you will

learn all the tips and tricks to teach your new puppy everything

they need to know to be the best dog ever!

No more pottying in the house, jumping on people,

barking in the kennel, or nipping at fingers!

They'll settle nicely in their kennel, sit politely for pets, get on a consistent pottying schedule, and learn to play nicely with

no nipping or biting!

This program is typically completed in 6 weeks and includes:

6 lessons or classes, unlimited support while enrolled,

1 FREE Follow-Up Lesson, BONUS: 10ft Long-Leash,

BONUS: Free Access to Online Puppy Training Class


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More Than Manners

Is your puppy growing into some naughty behaviors?

Are they testing boundaries and causing trouble

Are you frustrated with the chaos and not sure what to do?

In our More Than Manners program, we take a deep dive into why your dog does the things they do and come up with solutions to make your life easier, less chaotic, and make training with your puppy so much fun! 

No more chaos, chasing your puppy around, stealing items, or frustration. Learn about proper socialization and training techniques that will help your dog settle, remain calm, listen to what you say, and come when called!

The More Than Manners Program is typically completed in 8 lessons and includes: 8 lessons or classes, unlimited support while enrolled,

2 FREE Follow-Up Lessons, Free Access to Online Training Community, BONUS: 10ft Long-Leash, BONUS: Free Access to Online Puppy Training Class

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Puppy Headstart Training

Are you looking for a done-for-you training plan?

Do you want to get your dog started on a consistent pottying schedule?

Do you want unlimited support and help throughout the training process?

Our Puppy Headstart Training program takes the guesswork out of the training process! With a 2-Week Resident Headstart Puppy Bootcamp, the trainer will be able to lay the foundation for potty training, kennel training, and all other obedience and manners your puppy will need.

This makes training easier and faster for YOU once your puppy comes back home to you. No more worrying about a potty training schedule, socialization, or finding time to work on manners with your puppy!

This program is typically completed in 2 months and includes:

Exclusive 2-Week Resident Headstart Puppy Bootcamp,

Daily Video and Text Updates, 6 Free Follow-Up Lessons,

Unlimited Text and Email Support While Enrolled,

Free Access to Online Training Group,

BONUS: 10ft Long-Leash and Martingale Collar,

BONUS: Free Access to Online Puppy Training Class,

BONUS: Safe Socialization Guide

Contact Us for availability, details, and scheduling!

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Why Choose Us?

Early Training is Important!

We LOVE working with puppies because the training you do when they are young will help form the type of dog they will be when they grow up!

Did you know that whenever your dog is awake they are learning and training is taking place? Whether you realize it or not, they are always observing your behaviors and figuring out the world around them. Because of this, the problem behaviors that you see start to develop... were maybe accidentally trained by you!

As trainers, it is our job to help show you how your behavior directly affects your puppy's behavior and that is where we start with every program - looking at the human end of the leash. We help you develop a rock-solid plan to keep you and your dog successful before even starting your training class or program. We also help you understand exactly what your dog is, how they think, and how to encourage the desired behaviors while eliminating the undesirable.

Our puppy classes are designed using simple but effective exercises that help you and your puppy work together as a team. They are different from other, similar classes because we focus on lasting results and solutions that work. Other classes put a very large focus on playtime and not enough focus on the actual learning. We find playtime to be important when it is structured correctly and prescribed in appropriate amounts. 

Socialization isn't all just about playtime and social interaction. It's also about adapting to new environments, accepting the presence of novel stimuli, and remaining neutral to distractions. 

If you'd like to meet us or learn more about our puppy programs, you can set up a consultation and meet with us!


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