Puppy Programs

Puppies are amazing. They are so, so, SO smart! The minute they are born they start learning, and they never stop. Every experience they have, and every consequence they encounter drives their future behavior. They are little sponges wrapped up in the cutest little bundles. That is, until they decide they have a mind of their own, or they become better at training YOU instead of you training them... 

That's where we come in! 

All of our puppy programs are designed to meet your puppy's needs depending on their age range and your specific goals in mind. 

We encourage EVERYONE interested in starting their puppy training journey to set up a FREE consultation. Why? It gives you a way to make sure that we are the trainers you want to work with and it gives you a way to get started without an upfront investment. 

Free Resources for Puppy Owners

Free Consultation

45 - 60 minutes

A free consultation is a great way to meet the trainers, talk about your training goals, and get answers to your questions. During a consultation we will answer all your questions and go over our puppy training programs and decide if one of the programs might be a good fit for you and your puppy. 

Downloadable Potty Training Guide

This easy to follow guide is for all things potty training. It will help you set reasonable expectations for the potty training process as well as come up with a plan to prevent accidents from happening inside your home. 

Socialization Information Packet

Want to learn the dos and don'ts of puppy socialization? We created this downloadable pdf that is full of information you can use to safely socialize your dog in the best way (even during a pandemic)!

In-Person Class Options

We offer a variety of in-person options for our puppy programs. We prefer teaching and working with dogs hands-on as it allows us to give exact instruction in the moment and make changes quickly if necessary. If you have a busy schedule, or would prefer online course options, check out our Private Lessons and Online section below. All of these class options are for dogs 8 weeks - 24 weeks of age that are up to date on age-appropriate vaccines. View our vaccine policy and recommendation HERE.

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More Than Manners

Our More Than Manners puppy class is the starting point for all of our other puppy programs. It's great for puppies with no previous training, and it's also great for puppies who have already started training either at home with their owners or another training facility. It is obedience-based, focusing on getting you the solutions to problems, and the know-how to prevent new problems from arising. We cover the most important behaviors: Sit, Down, Coming When Called, Stay, Polite Greetings, Door Manners, and More!


Limited to 4-6 puppies per class. 

Duration: 6 Weeks

Cost: $270

Socialization 101

Our Socialization 101 class is different than any puppy socialization class you will find in this area. 

Having a puppy that plays well with others is a good skill to have, but being well-behaved around social distractions is a BETTER skill to have. 

This is a combo-class that works on socializing your puppy to new sights, sounds, and surfaces. It also exposes your puppy to well-behaved, older, trained dogs that will provide your puppy with appropriate social experiences and interaction. 

This class cannot be taken by itself, it must be taken at the same time or after completing our More Than Manners class.

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Duration: 5 Weeks

Cost: $120

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Specialty Classes

More for Your K9 also offers a variety of specialty classes that allows you to explore other avenues of dog training/dog sports. 


Specialty Classes We Offer:

- Trick Training 

- Nosework 

- Weight Pull

- Conformation

- Handling Prep

Each of these classes are specifically meant as "try-it" classes for puppies. Must complete More Than Manners class first.

Duration: 4 weeks

Cost: $150

For those with unpredictable schedules, buying a lesson package might be the best option for you:

What Makes Our Puppy Training Different
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More for Your K9 loves being able to work with puppies because it forms the adult dogs they will eventually be. Training starts as soon as you bring your puppy home, whether you intend it to or not. Every moment of every day, your dog is learning. This can sometimes make it difficult to come up with a "one-size-fits-all" training plan or class curriculum. Our class curriculum includes helping you understand what your dog is, how they think, and how to encourage them to develop into a well-rounded dog. The pyramid above shows our basic "outline" of how we start to approach puppy behaviors and training protocols. Notice the word "socialization" is not included in that pyramid. Here's why...

Most puppy class curricula have a heavy focus on socialization - that is, allowing playtime with other puppies during the group class time. While some playtime with other dogs (older, well-behaved, trained dogs) is something we actively encourage, when it's done in an unbridled puppy class setting with all dogs being the same age, you get a lot of unwanted behaviors.

Thinking about it in human terms, you wouldn't want your 1st grader's interactions only to be with other 1st graders - especially when those first graders are just learning the full effect of their behavior affecting others. The same thing happens with our young puppies.

Puppies get to a point where they realize the things they do can make other dogs' behavior (and even humans' behavior) change or they learn "If I do this one thing, I get a reaction". That one thing can be sitting, pawing at, charging, humping, nipping, pinning, etc. The list goes on and on and on when it comes to the behaviors you can see in an unbridled group of puppy playtime. When bad behaviors start to happen, and they go unchecked (or they aren't interrupted effectively), they start to happen more and more and usually they get worse. 

"Socialization" in the form of unbridled playtime (including dog parks and daycares) is not a full socialization plan, and if you have untrained, naughty dogs teaching your puppy how to interact socially - you are creating more problems than you think you are solving. 

More for Your K9 absolutely advocates for the socialization of young puppies, when it's done correctly.

More for Your K9's puppy training starts with getting your puppy honed in on the thing that matters most in their world - YOU. Focusing on you, and building value on you is the first place we start with any training program. Usually, around 14-16 weeks, your dog decides that everything else around them is more important and they want to go explore, so we have to bring their attention back to you so that you influence their actions and thoughts.

At the same time we begin to get your dog's attention back on to you, we set you up with management strategies that 1) help you stop any current behavior issues you are experiencing and 2) give you the tools necessary to prevent and troubleshoot any new behaviors you start to see. We also help you come up with an appropriate crating schedule for your dog - this helps with management, potty training, and helps prepare your dog for when you might need to leave them home alone. 

Once you have a solid management plan, your dog starts to learn what is expected of them - not chewing the furniture, not pooping in the house, not jumping on guests, etc. And once the dog starts to figure those things out, that's when the "real" training happens. It's when we can start building and teaching NEW behaviors to complement our management strategies and our expectations. At this time we can also start to introduce appropriate outlets for energy. 

Only then, when we have gone through everything previously mentioned to we begin to think about the FUN STUFF we want to do with our puppy - taking them out and about, having them interact with our guests, playing with other dogs... 

While going to a puppy class should be a fun thing you get to experience with your dog, the other 90% of your week is still training time that starts with getting your dog to focus on you.

100% of your week can't be FUN STUFF if you want to encourage a well-rounded development of your puppy.

Online Training Options
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